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Water Systems have traditionally been limited to two options for cleaning and inspecting a reservoir or storage tank: empty the tank or send in divers. Both methods are costly, labor-intensive and raise personal safety issues. In addition, both options may require taking the tank offline, which can adversely affect the distribution system and result in a potential main break, loss of storage capacity and water quality problems.

Now there is a safer, less expensive and more effective way to clean and inspect water tanks without taking them offline --


 No tank draining or reservoir downtime
 Quicker than manual cleaning
 Avoids confined-space safety issues and entry permits
 Removes up to 95% of debris, depending on floor configuration
 Water quality is not compromised during cleaning and quality readings during actual operation are available upon request
 Waste can be appropriately discharged
 480 volt AC, 8 AMP. Max. draw, 6.5 amp nominal work load
 3 H.P. submersible pump rated at 220 GPM @ 3 feet of head
 .5 inch solids diameter capable of handling
 Ability to access 24" manhole
 500 feet of umbilical from control point
 Pan and tilt camera system
 17-inch brush cleaning width
 Compass capable (option upon request)