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8-Pound Swimming Sub Makes Diver-less Water Tank Inspections a Reality

                                                                                                                                                                                   According to the AWWA, there are 400,000 steel and concrete water storage tanks in the US.Every year, 80,000 tank inspections come due, using the recommendations for an inspection every five years. In many towns, needed inspections are postponed for lack of funding for human divers. The Video Ray solves this problem by not requiring divers or expert ROV operators.To perform a tank inspection with the Video Ray, the inspector climbs the ladder and waits for the arrival of an 8-pound sub, with its light tether in tow. He doesn’t carry pounds of instrumentation, dive gear, and camera equipment. He lowers the small tethered submersible in the hatch by hand — instead of squeezing in wearing a heavy sterile suit. On the ground, the operator runs the sub by remote control, seeing what it sees through the sub’s video eye.



Photo Left: The 8 pound Video Ray is easily pulled to the top of the tank and is lowered by hand. The operator stays on the ground and looks through the video eye on the sub






AWWA(American Water Works Association) Annual Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, LA ,  June 16 2002 ---Video Ray LLC displayed today its remote-control submersible that is effective for inspecting potable water tanks – without the use of divers. About the size of a boot box, the Video Ray Inspection System includes a tiny remote controlled vehicle that swims through the tank and surveys the roof, seams, standpipes, and cables. The camera eye captures footage. Robotic grippers take samples of corrosion.