Aquifer Maintenance & Performance Systems, Inc.

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 An AMPS maintenance program is an aggressive approach to holding down the high   cost of operating a municipal or privately owned wellfield while producing a consistently high production rate over a period of years. The programs designed by AMPS have achieved and maintained higher increases in production while reducing bacteriological activity than a standard "BY THE BOOK" rehabilitation without shortening the life of the well. This is due to a 70 to 80 percent reduction in chemicals being injected into the well while creating a cell stress opposed to unpredictable oxidization. These programs are tailor made to control the bacteriological and parasitic activity in accordance to the location, water quality and area geology 


 Aquifer Maintenance and Performance Systems, Inc. (AMPS) a specialized service and maintenance organization, was created to fulfill the total wellfield production needs of the water supply industry. AMPS has committed itself to providing the most honest and cost effective “STATE OF THE ART” environmentally safe rehabilitations, reconstruction and maintenance programs to ensure a clean, safe and plentiful supply of drinking water for the future.

When the production of a water supply well decreases and efficiency falls, rehabilitation is one solution to the problem. Well rehabilitation is a time efficient and cost effective way to bring a well back to its optimum
production capacity when a proper maintenance program is not in  place.


AMPS method of rehab and repair keeps heavy equipment safely away from the well reducing contamination and sink hole danger